Meet Our Team of Experts: Who We Are, and What We’re About

We’ve been around the block in terms of adult dating, and that’s something that you can’t take too lightly. We know what we’re talking about, we know the best hookup dating sites, and we know the girls that are going to be able to give you an amazing time. You need our expertise, and in our opinion, we’ve found the sites that are really going to make it easy for you to have an amazing time with some gorgeous women.

Here’s what you need to know about our team.

Why should you trust us, though? While this is all just our opinions, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t formed a really smart, expert team of diverse guys that know their stuff. We’re from all around the world, and that makes it a lot easier to really nail the best sites down–we have all different kinds of experiences, but we can still end up with the same taste in adult dating sites.

All 20 of us ended up meeting on Reddit, which is a hub of knowledge for us now. We compared our experiences, and then got together to nail down what really makes an incredible adult dating site.

Meet the team from Australia.

First there’s John, who is 25, and enjoys fishing and camping on the side. He has a modest career as an accountant, and loves using different kinds of adult dating sites courtesy of his busy lifestyle.

Taylor is also from Australia, and is age 29. He likes swimming, scuba diving, and surfing. All of those beach activities keep him very busy, and that’s why using these kinds of sites are very convenient.

Tim is 26, and going back to university. He’s a guy that loves comedy and frequents clubs, but those are the best places to meet women. That’s why he turned to adult dating sites.

Anthony is a guy that’s only 28, but already is pushing forward in a banking career. He’s still on the modest end of the income spectrum, but adult dating is still very affordable for him.

Finally, Andy is 30 and loves working with his hands. He’s a carpenter and just like the rest of us, makes a modest, average living. That doesn’t stop him from loving adult dating sites in Australia.

The guys from the UK have it going on.

Australia isn’t the only place that we’re rocking it out with adult dating; it’s the same in the UK, and it starts with Thomas, who is 27, and working in the school system. He loves adult dating because of its convenience.

Bernie is 29, and is working as a manager at a convenience store. He loves the ease of use that adult dating gives him, because how else will he really have the time to meet women?

Caden is a guy that loves to party, but girls on the club scene are just too much for him. He’s 24, and adult dating keeps it simple, easy, and smart for a guy that doesn’t want to be held down.

Frank is 31 and works in the public transportation system. With a modest salary and not a lot of time on his hands, he turned to adult dating sites because it’s easy to find girls that won’t tie him down.

We’ve also got Martin on board, who is 25, and loves to meet new women. He just doesn’t want to be tied down by them, and that’s why he loves adult UK dating sites more than anything else.

In the USA, we’re also having fun.

Our team extends into the USA, too, and with Dakota, age 27, we start off with a bang. He’s got a lot on his hands when it comes to working and running his own online business, so adult dating sites are easy for him to meet women on.

Nathan is 26 and loves being able to go out to meet women on the beach, but they’re always too flighty for him. That’s why he just invites women from adult American dating sites now instead.

Austin is a guy that loves to go out to eat with his ladies first–after he’s met them on an adult dating site. He’s 30 years young, and wants to be able to reach out to more women easily.

Zach is 28, a manager at a small business firm, and still makes a pretty average starting salary. He doesn’t have time to go out and meet ladies, but adult dating sites make that really, really easy for him.

Last but not least, we’ve also got Keith, and he’s got a full schedule at the age of 25 and trying to get his doctorate. It’s easier said than done to meet women, but these sites make it more streamlined.

Finally, our guys are in Canada, too.

Gregory is a guy that you can always count on for the facts–he’s a tax agent at the age of 31, and knows how to really work adult dating sites to his advantage.

Harrison is 25, works from home on his computer, and there’s no easier way for him to connect to ladies than finding these kinds of sites online. We know he’s had some great experiences.

Ian loves to go out and party with the best of them, but women at the age of 27 just don’t appeal to him. These sites make it easier for him to find what he wants.

Devon wants kinkier ladies, and at the age of 28, is tired of beating around the bush. That’s why he turned to these kinds of sites–it’s just easier!

Rounding up our crew is Marshall, who is an accounts executive, and definitely knows how to charm ladies. Adult Canadian dating sites just make that even easier!