Review: Does It Really Deliver in the UK? is classy. That’s the first thing that you’re going to think when you check out this site, and for good reason. It’s decked out in black and red and a little bit of pink, and it just looks like a romantic site rather than a site that’s all about sex. This is going to definitely bring in more women to the site, which is something that you really want. It has a much more intimate atmosphere, which is always going to lend the ratios into a direction that you want–that is, lots of ladies, less men, and a lot more chances for you to end up getting laid online.

Dating Site PassionSearch

PassionSearch is a site that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable or unsafe on. This site was voted as the most active adult dating site in 2013, and that comes with a heavy crown. That means that the customer service here has to make sure that it’s very, very safe if it’s going to be that active, and that’s something that we really do count on whenever we’re using it. Truth be told, we rarely see any spammers or weird, fake profiles whenever we’re using this site. If we do, we can report them in no time flat, and we see them taken down in a few hours after we do so.

This creates a very secure environment that not only makes us feel good, but it makes ladies feel good about being here, too. The women that are posted up on the front page of the site aren’t hyper-sexualized, and the men aren’t, either. This makes for a lot of equal footing that can end up bringing in some really strong crowds of serious contenders, and that’s why we really did enjoy our time reviewing this site.

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We were really thrilled to be able to have a good time with our PassionSearch reviews, and that’s because of all the hype that this site had. Fortunately, it seems to be pretty well-deserved. This is a pretty active site, first and foremost, which means a lot to us. We really like to see a lot of ladies on it, and during the month that we spent here, we can’t say that we were disappointed. In fact, it’s just active enough that sending out those 50 messages for our review seemed almost too few.

From those 50 messages, we managed to get a grand total of 50 responses. This was a really great eye-opener about exactly how active the site was, and we were really eager to continue from here. What we will note is that paying for a subscription on this site definitely helped this. Just a free pass to this site won’t let you access as many profiles or send out as many messages, so make sure that you’re shelling out the cash. It’s worth it, and you have a dozen more chances to actually meet women on a site like this one.

From those 50 responses, we managed to have a total of 31 ladies that wanted to end up on dates with us. We were very pleased with this numbers, as most of the ladies seemed quite serious about actually meeting us and having a good time. We were able to discuss date locations with them in detail, and we also talked about what we would be doing afterwards. They were very serious about getting laid; that means hotel plans were made and booked, and we couldn’t wait for those nights to be upon us.

From those 31 women, a total of 25 showed up, and a total of 21 actually had sex with us. These ladies were a lot of fun, and we’d gladly meet up with them again in the future. This site just made it incredibly easy to connect to these ladies and have fun with them, and this is the sort of arrangement that made us just want to keep coming back for more. They were honest ladies, too, and that really made us happy with them. They knew what they wanted, were blunt, and weren’t shy about letting us know if they wanted more or less. That’s just the way that we like it, quite honestly!

The features were grand.

While we really do favor our top site,, we still did enjoy the features that we were able to get on this site after paying for a subscription. It really does make a difference to shell out some of the cash on this site, and that’s because you’re limited to how many messages that you can send out otherwise. It makes it much easier to communicate on here, and they do frown upon you giving out your e-mail address directly. Don’t waste your time with it; just pay the subscription fee, and you’re going to be more than prepared to have fun.

This site does make it very easy to build a profile that’s going to be eye-catching. Take your time with it, and make sure that you’re taking advantage of building your photo gallery, too. Everyone that is serious on this site has a very extensive photo gallery, and that makes it very easy for women to talk to you about your looks, and even the places that you’ve been. Post some nice pictures of yourself, and you’re going to end up striking up more conversations that way than anything else.

The ladies on here are bold, too. Sometimes, they’ll end up messaging you first, which is really fun for us. We love being able to chat with women that are comfortable in their own skin and you’re going to end up meeting a few of them on this site, in our opinion. With solid numbers, easy to use features, and a great membership program, you’re going to really find that this site works for you in a number of unexpected ways. It’s going to be worth it for you to be sure.

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PassionSearch is a really good site to get laid on. We rated it number 1. Click on the link to visit and try

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Our review of PassionSearch definitely took the cake, and we were very pleased to be able to spend time on here. This was a site that just was very enjoyable to us, and in our opinion, this is a site that’s going to open up a number of opportunities for you as a user. This site just makes it very simple and fun for you to meet ladies online, and if you want to end up meeting some particularly bold women, then you’ve really come to the right place. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

This isn’t the only chance that you’ll have to meet some really serious, really sexy women, however. We also had a great time on our top site,, and we know that you’ll be able to make it work, too, if you follow our guidelines. This is a site that really showed off during our review, and we think that you’ll be able to get some pretty similar results if you work at it. You just need to take some time to check out the site, and get one of the subscriptions to help you out. You’ll see how much fun you can have then!