In our opinion, these are the kinds of sites that are just not going to give you what you want. If you find yourself asking the question ‘do online dating sites work’, these aren’t sites that will answer that question–they’ll just frustrate you, and according to our data and tests, that’s pretty darn clear. These […] Read more

Aussie ladies are hot, and no one knows that better than we do. That’s why if you’re in Australia and want to find sites to get laid on, then we’re your first stop. We’ve figured out which are the absolute best sites for that in our opinion, and we know this through our extensive research […] Read more

There are plenty of one night stand sites for Britains, but that doesn’t mean that every single one of them is created equally. Nailing down the top sites isn’t always as easy as it seems, either, and that’s why we’ve created this site in the first place. In our opinion, we’ve figured out which sites […] Read more

There are hundreds of NSA dating sites in the United States, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good. In fact, most of them are terrible, and in our opinion, those are the kinds of sites that you need to avoid at all costs. Trying to deal with a site that’s only going to ruin your […] Read more

We’re experts, and we have to admit that. That’s why our knowledge about one night stand sites in Calgary can end up giving you a ton of great adventures in the future–we know what we’re talking about, and we know that these are the kinds of sites that will help you get laid. It’s as […] Read more is a really, really sparse site. It’s one that’s not exactly going to make a lot of newbies click eagerly, and that’s something that really is going to be boring from the start. For us, we could take one look at this site and realize that it was just a copy of some of […] Read more certainly has been around for awhile, but that doesn’t make it a top site. It tries to appeal to the ladies by saying that they can message for free, but one glance at the site makes that really not worth it. It’s just not very active, and trying to bring in more women is […] Read more is another site that looks like a clone of some of the rest of the sites on our wall of shame, and we aren’t happy about that. These are all just adult dating sites that are trying to desperately get women and men to join, and it’s not working. They let ladies message guys […] Read more has a pretty dumb name, and that’s about as gentle as our criticism of this site is going to get. The site layout is way too simple and sparse, and it’s honestly hard to find what you’re going to end up doing here. It’s all about letting ladies message men for free, which is […] Read more seems to be another site that is all about letting women message guys for free, which is a nice concept until you look at the high prices for a guy’s subscription. This site is really not active enough to demand high prices, but that’s exactly what you’re going to get here. It doesn’t appeal, […] Read more