Review: How This UK Site Measures Up is an oldie but goodie. This is a site that has been around since the dawn of MySpace, and that feels like we’re talking in decades. That’s because we are, really, and a site with that kind of reputation is a site that you can put a lot of faith in, especially if you’re trying to get laid. This is a site that’s seen a number of major overhauls, and that’s something that’s going to really work in your favor. You can actually relax on a site like this one, and know that they’ve been around long enough to take care of you and help you meet women in a safe, secure manner.

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During our stay here, we were immediately pleased to see that the layout is as good as we remembered it. We’ve used this site in the past, and every single time that we come back here, they try to update it a little bit more. This bodes well for the number of customers that come through here; it makes them realize that the site is still alive and kicking, and that it’s the kind of site that you can actually keep having fun on for a long time. They’re not just going to let it fall into the depths of the Internet, and look like something from 1997.

AdultFriendFinder is also very user-friendly. There’s a reason why this is often the first site that a lot of newbies try to hookup on, whether it’s in the UK or anywhere else in the world. This site definitely makes it easy for you to search and message women, and they have a number of chatting options that they’ve recently added. With all of this compounded into one site, it’s no secret as to why this site really does work to give you a lot of opportunities to meet women. Our results sure do show that.

Our AdultFriendFinder results were quite nice.

From our AdultFriendFinder review, we were really happy to see that the site was as solid as we ever have seen it. Our team was very excited to spend a good deal of time here, and to end up chatting up a lot of different ladies. It’s just very easy to find what you’re looking for here, be it kink or something more vanilla, and after spending a whole month, it just kept getting easier. We were able to send out a total of 50 messages without any issues, and the results were definitely top notch.

From those 50 messages, we were able to get a grand total of 46 responses, which was really out of this world. We will say that we don’t think we would have gotten this kind of turnaround without purchasing a subscription first, so make sure that you do that if you want to end up seeing results this solid. These were women that we wouldn’t have been able to message unless we had paid for that chance, and it’s honestly worth it if you actually want to end up getting a lot of women talking to you at once.

From those 46 ladies, a total of 22 actually agreed to go on dates with us, which was awesome. These were ladies that were very chatty and very eager to meet us, and seemed quite serious about it, too. We know that it’s not always that easy to tell when they want to meet up with you and will actually show up, but most of these women gave us a good vibe, and we couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

From those 22 ladies, a total of 19 showed up, and out of those ladies, a total of 15 slept with us. These numbers were really, really solid, and we were really happy to see them. This means that this site was honestly as active as we thought it would be, and it delivered the kind of results that we were expected. It’s not as great as our favorite site,, but it’s definitely near the top, and it really does work.

From these features, you’ll see how good it can be.

It’s not just the numbers that make us really enjoy sites like AdultFriendFinder, and that’s why you also need to look at the kinds of features that you’re going to end up getting whenever you’re using them. You don’t want to end up caught in the dark and feeling like you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. This site, fortunately, stays very up to date, and when it comes to features, you do need to get a subscription. They just make sure that their paid members are very well taken care of, and that’s why it’s going to end up being very worth it for you.

Notably, this site’s search features are very intense if you have a paid membership. You can select dozens of options, and it’s not going to end up limiting you at all. This is because when you create your profile here, you’ll be able to select just as many options about what you’re into or what you don’t like, and the search engine here can end up picking up on all of that. It makes it very easy to find ladies that are very specific to your interests, and you can end up finding someone that you mesh very, very well with here.

This site is also just a great bouncing point for newbies to get started. If you’ve never used any kind of an adult dating site before, this is a great opportunity for you to find what you’re looking for in one simple place. We have always found it very easy to introduce newbies to the seamless, simple layout, and the fact that it’s elegant rather than pornographic also brings in more women. This makes it a great place to just get your foot in the door.

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AdultFriendFinder is a really good site to get laid on. We rated it number 2. Click on the link to visit and try

For a lot of fun, check out AdultFriendFinder.

We had a great experience when using, and we believe that you’ll be able to have just as much fun. The numbers are pointing you in the right direction, and we think that if you actually pay for a subscription on this site, you’re going to end up seeing a ton of success. This is the kind of site that is going to end up making your life a lot easier, and it’s going to open a lot of doors to meeting all kinds of ladies to have sex with online.

This isn’t the only site that can end up doing that for you, however. Our number one favorite site is, and it’s the site that we frequent the most. Our team absolutely loves it, and it’s because the numbers really just don’t lie. We do think that it’s one of the best around, and that it can give you a ton of chances to meet ladies that are actually eager to have sex with you. You won’t have to end up messing around with women that aren’t serious; these are ladies that are the real deal, and that actually want to have fun. Trust us–we’ve been in your shoes, but you can make it work!