LocalShags.com Review: Will It Really Deliver Hot Hookups?

The problem that you’ll immediately run into with a site like LocalShags.com is that it’s just poorly designed. It’s very hard to get around on a site like this one, and it’s also very hard to tell which profiles are real or not. We believe that a lot of these profiles are just old, abandoned ones, or ones that were randomly generated. It’s just very difficult to say either way, and that’s not something that we want to bank on.

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During our stay here, we mostly found this site difficult to use because the navigation system is very spotty, and it doesn’t like to load images. We also found that the sign-up process was confusing, and even if you select the free option on here, you’re going to asked to enter your credit card information. LocalShags comes off as a bit skeevy because of this, and that’s not something that we want to end up spending a ton of our cash on. We want a site that we can trust, and this one made us feel uncomfortable from the start.

The results didn’t make us happy on LocalShags.

We ended up spending a total of a month on our LocalShags review, and sadly, we weren’t very impressed. This is a site that definitely needs to work on its game and build up to bringing in more active members, because right now, this site just can’t end up competing with our top sites.

After sending out a total of 50 messages, we did get back a total of 65 of them…but that’s not as positive as it sounds. In fact, most of these messages were spam messages, which made clearing our inbox on this site a nightmare and a half. It was not an appealing experience.

From those 65 responses, we only set up a total of 3 actual dates. This was really pathetic, and it made us wonder about the quality of this site as a whole. How many real women are actually lurking around on here? It’s really hard to say, but we can only imagine that it’s not a very high number.

Not a single one of those ladies showed up, and that means that we didn’t get laid while using this site. Clearly, that’s not the sort of experience that we ever want to end up having again.

You can skip these features.

With this site, it’s just honestly hard to navigate and to find something to do. That makes it less than ideal for you to end up spending a ton of time searching around on it, because even with a paid membership, you don’t get a ton of powerful search options.

The time we spent on it was mostly confusing, and it was hard to find a lot to search for other than geographical location and hair color. That’s not going to end up narrowing down results as much as you’d like, obviously.

The girls on here also just not very active. They need to really amp up their game in terms of advertisement, or they need to make it more appealing. Pick one!

Homepage of LocalShags.com

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LocalShags.com didn’t work for us.

We don’t really have a lot of positive things to say about LocalShags, and that’s because it just didn’t get us laid at all. That’s not the kind of place that we want to spend our time, and we can’t imagine it working for you, either.

Instead, check out our favorite site, FreeHookups.com. In our opinion, it’s the kind of site that will open up a ton of options for you, and give you a million chances to meet women online. You’ll have fun there!