Review: We Compare It to the Top Hookup Sites is pretty firm on making sure that you know that they are ‘for real’, but we have a pretty hard time believing this. They talk all the talk about being free and easy to use, but we found their landing page really lacking, and their sign-up process something to be desired. It’s not exactly something we enjoy to see a site ask for our credit card information if they proclaim to be free, so that kind of turned us off right away.

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This site also just didn’t seem very active on our ends, which was another issue that we had with it. We want a site that’s going to be covered in a lot of active ladies, and what probably turns them away is the fact that guys can message women for free–not the other way around. That’s something that they announce very firmly on the front page of their site, and that’s not something that is going to end up being a huge winner insofar as women wanting to join. It should really be the other way around, in our opinion.

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As we worked on our ShagAholic review, we were really not that impressed with what we found. This particular site definitely has some issues that need to be tackled, and during the month that we spent on this site, we just didn’t end up getting the kind of action that we wanted out of it. Even after sending 50 messages to ladies that we found on here, the results were pretty subpar.

From those 50 messages, we only ended up receiving a total of 19 replies. Considering we usually like to see about a 50% return, that was clearly below it, and we weren’t all that excited to keep using this site.

It got worse when we were only able to set up a single date while using this site. That girl didn’t even end up showing up, so that means the whole time that we were stuck on this site, we just didn’t get laid at all. ShagAholic didn’t end up impressing us, and that means that we can’t really recommend it to someone that wants a consistent chance at getting laid. The results just don’t really support that kind of a theory at all.

Good features? Not really.

This site claims to be free for guys, but you’re still going to end up being asked for your credit card. That’s a big turn-off for us, and that ended up being a point of contention during the time that we spent here.

We also find the layout to look dated and cheesy, and it’s not all that appealing for women. It just looks a little overly sexual to us, and that’s going to end up making ladies want to go elsewhere.

Overall, there’s just not much to do here. Their messaging system is way too simple, and you can’t even have a favorites list of the ladies that you want to talk to. With all of this, you’re going to end up pretty bored.

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The more time that we spent on ShagAholic, the less we wanted to come back. This was a site that just didn’t end up appealing to us, and it really didn’t end up giving us the kind of results that we wanted.

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