Review: Can It Compare to Top Hookup Sites?

With, you can’t expect a stellar experience. This is because this site really needs to upgrade its layout and be more appealing to ladies, or else it’s just going to end up falling flat for the rest of its days. In our minds, one look at this sparse, black and white layout is going to turn women off, especially when the front page is plastered with nothing but pictures of scantily clad girls. It’s just not appealing to women.

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Because of these issues, the ratio of women to men on XXXBlackBook is just not good enough. You’re going to end up seeing a ton of men on here, but not a lot of ladies, and that’s going to end up being a huge problem. You obviously aren’t here to hookup with men; you’re here to get some hot ladies. The problem that you’ll consistently run into on here is the same thing that every other guy is running into, and it’s that there just aren’t enough chances to talk to women on a site like this one.

Our XXXBlackBook results were poor.

We were really trying to be optimistic about our XXXBlackBook review, but it just didn’t pan out like we wanted it to. We spent a total of a month on this site, and we really did dig in deep. Sadly, after sending out a total of 50 messages, we weren’t all that impressed with the results that we ended up seeing, and we feel like other sites do it better.

From those 50 messages, we only had a total of 33 responses. This could have been worse, admittedly. We like to see a total of a 50% return, and this particular site did at least do above that.

The problem, however, showed up when from those 33 responses, only a total of 6 women set up dates with us, and only 3 showed up. This was pretty darn disappointing, especially when only 2 of those ladies slept with us. This isn’t exactly a consistent source for you to get laid, and it’s not full of women that are as serious as we are about meeting people and getting down and dirty. It’s basically just a place to chat, and that’s not the kind of thing that we want to waste our time doing.

The features were boring.

It’s fun and all to spend a lot of time on a dating site looking at profiles, but that’s literally all there is to this particular site. If you want something more, you’re going to need to go elsewhere, especially if you don’t want to pay top dollar.

Not only are the prices high, but there’s just not a powerful search feature in place here. If you want to end up meeting more women, you’re just going to have to constantly update your profile to get at the top of the lists. Paying for it doesn’t help.

We were pretty put off by all of this, and we were just really bored by the site. It’s not going to give you the results that you want.

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Sure, this site isn’t as bad as some, but XXXBlackBook just didn’t impress us. You can end up finding much better on a number of other adult dating sites, and you can end up with a much more consistent flow of ladies online.

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