JustHookup.com Review: The Facts on Whether It Really Works

You’re going to immediately be disappointed in a site like JustHookup.com, in our opinion. Here’s the thing: this site just doesn’t have a lot going on. The ladies on this site aren’t very active, and a lot of the profiles seem to be pretty old and dated. That’s the impression that we get from the very first page of the site, by the way, which is just full of profiles that haven’t been updated in months.

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It’s extremely important for you to be able to find a dating site that’s actually active, by the way. If you’re using JustHookup, you’re going to be struggling the whole time that you’re here to actually find women that are going to talk to you, let alone sleep with you. This is going to end up being a problem for you and for your ego, and for a newbie, this can really shatter your confidence. We found ourselves disappointed with the activity levels, the layout, and with the fact that this site does charge a sizable fee for its services. It’s just not worth it for us.

The results for JustHookup weren’t great.

Our JustHookup review was really not that impressive, and that’s because after spending a month on this site, we sent out a total of 50 messages for…what end? This site just didn’t really give us the kind of response that we wanted, and we were pretty darn disappointed about that.

From those 50 responses, we could only end up getting a grand total of 44 replies. This could have been worse for sure, but when only a total of 10 women actually agreed to go out on a date with us, that really sealed the deal about this site just not being a really serious adult dating site.

We didn’t get a single one of those ladies to actually show up for a date with us, which really just left us annoyed with the site as a whole. We don’t think that it’s really going to work for you, based on the results that we were able to uncover here.

There aren’t many good features.

It’s really necessary for you to be able to find a site that’s full of active ladies, and with good features that are going to help you meet them. As as far as we could tell with this site, that’s just not something that’s going to happen for you.

The search features here are very limited, and the profiles are pretty sparse to begin with. The idea of being able to find a lot of variety on a site like this one is going to be a pipe dream at best.

During our stay here, we also had issues with the messaging system being downright buggy. It’s just not appealing to spend a ton of time on a dating site and barely be able to talk to the ladies that we’re interested it, but sadly, that’s the sort of environment that we found ourselves in.

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JustHookup.com didn’t impress.

We really weren’t that happy with our stay on this particular site, and we don’t think that it’s going to end up delivering the kind of results that you should be going for. This is a site that needs a lot of improvements, and it mostly needs a lot more advertising to bring in a ton of ladies.

This site didn’t impress us, but we think that you’ll have a lot more fun checking out our favorite site online for adult dating, which is FreeHookups.com. This is the best site around in our opinion, and our results really do show that.