Xpress.com Review: How Does It Rank Against Top Hookup Sites?

Xpress.com is classy. That’s the first thing that we can say with certainty about this site, and that’s something that you should always be looking for in an adult dating site, anyway. This site just presents well, and that’s because they’re trying to bring in all kinds, not just a bunch of horny guys. They want women to join, and that’s why they make sure that their site is open and intimate. They want ladies to feel as if they can not only find men here, but women, couples, or even threesomes. This is the kind of site that women do flock to, and that’s something that we find very appealing.

Dating Site Xpress

Without a solid ratio, you’re never going to end up getting laid. You need to have a lot of women on a site compared to the men that are on it, and if that isn’t happening, you’re just not going to get to have any sex. Fortunately, this is a site that really pushes that, and we were really pleased to see that the Xpress ratio is a strong one. There are active women joining every single day, and we believe that this is because the site is just catering to them more and more. We think that with a subscription, you’ll be able to meet as many of them that you want.

Our subscription enables us to have full access to their search and messaging features, and for women to join, it’s actually entirely free. This is a smart marketing campaign that really does work to bring in more ladies, more of the time, and coupled with Xpress coupons for men, there’s just honestly no reason that you shouldn’t be spending a little extra cash and getting one of their subscription plans. It’s just going to land you more ladies.

We were happy with our Xpress results.

There’s a lot to say about our Xpress review, but mostly, it’s nothing but good things. The other part of it? Extreme shock that a site could be this much fun! We were really pleased to see that this site was as active as it was, and we couldn’t wait to keep coming back even after our month-long review was over. We were really happy to send out those 50 messages to women online, and we were even happier to wait around and see what kind of results this site would end up giving us.

From those 50 messages, we pulled in a total of 42 responses. This was shockingly great, and considering we normally just like to see a 50% return of our messages, this definitely ended up making an impression on us. This was a site that we believed we could count on, and our numbers showed us that more than ever. The women on here were very happy to talk to us, too, and they were even more cheerful after we got a subscription and didn’t have any limitations on the number of messages we could send.

From those 42 responses, we set up a total of 33 dates. This definitely ended up giving us everything that we wanted, and it really showed us how many women were dedicated on this site. It’s always good to know how many ladies really do want to chat you up, and on this site, there was a solid ratio of women that wanted to do that, plus wanted to actually go out to dinner with us, and hopefully, sleep with us a little bit later on that night.

From those 33 dates, a total of 33 showed up…and 31 slept with us! This was a great ratio, and only two of the ladies weren’t interested by the end of the evening. They had things come up, and it wasn’t our doing. This is a great number to see, and it’s definitely proof in our opinion that this is a site that can end up getting you laid. The women here are fun, and we’d gladly come back to sleep with them again. In fact, we’re already in talks with some of them, just like we are with some of the ladies from FreeHookups.com.

Solid features get you laid.

We honestly believe that a great dating site needs to have some great features, and fortunately, you can get everything that you need on a site like this one if you’ve got a subscription. They do limit their messaging and search features if you don’t, but they do at least offer the same kind of customer support. This site wants you to have a subscription, however, for the safety of their members. You don’t want to end up coming onto this site and seeming like a spammer by sending out a ton of messages if you aren’t paying for the right to do so, so just go ahead and do it. You’ll thank us later.

The thing about this site is that it’s made for all kinds. If you’re a guy looking for a guy, you can find that here. Guys looking for couples? Great! You can literally find anything that you want, and there will always be someone that’s going to answer your messages. This is a very fast-growing site, and we honestly think that it’s going to end up working out for you just fine. You just have to look at the results to see that it’s consistent, and that it can end up getting you a ton of chances to get laid.

We also really enjoy having priority seats in customer service if we have a subscription. If anything does come up, you can immediately contact them and get put to the top of the tickets. This is something that will make you feel even safer, and that’s why paying for an adult dating site is something that you should always consider doing. It just makes everything easier for you, and it makes you feel like you’re not just throwing money away at nothing online. It’s worth it.

Homepage of Xpress.com

Xpress is a really good site to get laid on. We rated it number 1. Click on the link to visit and try Xpress.com

For a ton of fun, check out Xpress.com.

We were really pleased with our time spent on Xpress.com, and we do think that this is a site that shows very well in the results. The ladies are fun and flirty, and they are very interested in actually sleeping with you. If you have a subscription on this site, you’re going to really end up seeing how well it can work for you tenfold. You aren’t going to end up getting as many side-eyes as you would if you’re an unpaid member, and that’s why we think for maximum results, you should just pay the fee.

You should also be checking out our favorite site for adult dating online, and that’s FreeHookups.com. If you give it a shot, you’re going to also have a number of other chances to meet ladies. We really do love these sites, and in our opinion, they’re some of the best places to have fun online. You’ll be safe and sound, and you’re going to end up getting some pretty great results. Our numbers point in that direction, and so there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be checking them out from the very start! Go for it.