Review: Is This Hookup Site Worth Your Time? is a site that definitely has a solid reputation, and that’s because it’s been around for awhile. You can see from the streamlined layout that it means business, and it’s focused very strongly on attracting more women. They don’t want to end up scaring ladies off by not having a very solid, intimate atmosphere, and that’s why this site is cleaner than most. You’re not going to see a ton of pornographic images here, and this ultimately makes women feel safer about spending time here, and posting more about themselves. It’s just a classy site, and we really did enjoy spending our time on here because of that.

Dating Site Getiton

This site might be classy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a little bit of everything around here. This site has a very solid variety, and during the time we spent on GetItOn, we were able to find some really kinky girls just as much as we were some really vanilla girls. It has the full gambit, which is a huge plus in our book. No matter what you’re looking for, this is the kind of site that’s going to be able to supply it, and that’s something that’s going to be really worth it if you’re bored and looking for something new in the sack.

This is also a site that’s going to keep you safe. They have customer service staffers around all the time, and if you have a subscription plan on this site, you’re going to have priority service. This is a huge plus in our books, and it’s something that you should really consider if you want to be taken seriously on this site. Without a subscription, you’re going to feel rather limited on a site like this one, so make sure that you just go ahead and do it. It’s really worth it.

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As we ventured into our GetItOn review, we were really pleased with the kinds of results that we found. We ended up spending a full month here, and every single one of those days was well-spent. These ladies are eager and excited to meet you, and if you’ve got a subscription, you’re going to end up getting very similar results to us. It’s all a matter of pushing on this site and being active, and we sent out a total of 50 messages to really see what kind of maximum results that we could get.

We weren’t disappointed. From those 50 messages, we managed to have a grand total of 53 replies. This means that some ladies actually messaged us a few times, overly eager to get into our pants. This was pretty exciting for us, and we couldn’t wait to see more from this site. Having that subscription really does pay off, because it lets the ladies on this site know that you’re serious, and that you’re actually willing to end up meeting up with them for real, actual sex. They don’t want to mess around with guys that aren’t going to pull through.

From those 53 responses, we had a total of 24 dates actually set up. This number could have been higher, but after weeding out the women that just weren’t really serious about it, we were pretty happy to see that so many stuck around and wanted to really meet up in person. This means that we were going to end up having a much better time with these ladies anyway, and they were the ones that were really worth it.

From those 24 dates setup, we had a total of 16 actually show up, and all 16 of those women actually slept with us. These women were fun, flirty, and they were ready to go. They were the ones tugging us up to the hotel room sooner rather than later, and they really didn’t want to end up beating around the bush. We can honestly say that we were kept busy by these ladies, and if you look at these numbers, you can see very clearly why we would want to come back to a site like this one in the future.

If you want great features, we’ve got them here.

While it’s imperative that you do buy a subscription to this site, you can still end up seeing the fun that’s waiting for you before you do. This is a site that’s very basic, but it’s also very thorough. This makes it ideal for newbies that are trying to get started in the realm of adult dating, because it’s no nonsense, no frills. This means that the ladies are going to have an easy time on this site, too, and it’s just not going to end up being a confusing mess for anyone that genuinely wants to get laid without a ton of struggles.

Just like on our favorite site,, you’re going to be able to build a pretty fleshed out profile on this particular site. We highly recommend that you do so, because it’s going to make their search engine really likely to find you. With a paid membership, you’ll also get picked up by Google, and that’s going to push you to the top of the results on this site. This means that more women are going to want to talk to you, and more of them are going to want to end up sleeping with you.

Obviously, that’s what you want. This site really focuses on getting you a lot of traffic, and if you’re like us, you’d rather have a really full inbox than an empty one. Make sure that you set this site up to send your messages to your e-mail, too, because then you’ll have an even easier time of keeping up with the messages that you’re getting. This site is one that you do need to stay on top of, but if you manage to do it, it’s going to be able to keep you flush up on ladies for quite some time.

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Getiton is a really good site to get laid on. We rated it number 2. Click on the link to visit and try

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In our opinion, is one of the more fun sites out there for you to get laid. You’ll be able to have a ton of opportunities to meet ladies on here, and it’s going to end up being pretty darn exciting for you to have so many chances. You’ll be able to see a variety of ladies, and with their search engine, you’re not going to end up missing out on any great kinks or fetishes that they might be into. You’ll find a lot of shared interests on a site that has so many women floating around on it.

You should also be checking out our number one site for hookups online, and that’s It’s our absolute favorite site, and the results have really shown us what it can do. We believe that you’ll be able to have a great time on this site, too, so why limit your chances? You deserve to be able to meet a ton of ladies online, so make sure that you check out both of these sites, and really see what they have to offer you over time.