Reviews is pretty firm on making sure that you know that they are ‘for real’, but we have a pretty hard time believing this. They talk all the talk about being free and easy to use, but we found their landing page really lacking, and their sign-up process something to be desired. It’s not exactly […] Read more

The problem that you’ll immediately run into with a site like is that it’s just poorly designed. It’s very hard to get around on a site like this one, and it’s also very hard to tell which profiles are real or not. We believe that a lot of these profiles are just old, abandoned […] Read more

You’re going to immediately be disappointed in a site like, in our opinion. Here’s the thing: this site just doesn’t have a lot going on. The ladies on this site aren’t very active, and a lot of the profiles seem to be pretty old and dated. That’s the impression that we get from the […] Read more is a site that really amused us if nothing else, and it’s because this particular site just has a whole lot of hilarious notions about how dating online should work. They have some pretty mixed signals going on; some of it is about getting sex, and other ideas are about getting married. We’re not […] Read more

With, you can’t expect a stellar experience. This is because this site really needs to upgrade its layout and be more appealing to ladies, or else it’s just going to end up falling flat for the rest of its days. In our minds, one look at this sparse, black and white layout is going […] Read more is a site that’s immediately going to make your eyebrows climb–in a good way. This is a site that’s all about cheating and MILFs, and while a lot of guys out there are going to think that makes it more difficult to get laid, you’d be wrong. Instead of being more difficult, it’s much, […] Read more is a site that definitely has a solid reputation, and that’s because it’s been around for awhile. You can see from the streamlined layout that it means business, and it’s focused very strongly on attracting more women. They don’t want to end up scaring ladies off by not having a very solid, intimate atmosphere, […] Read more is classy. That’s the first thing that we can say with certainty about this site, and that’s something that you should always be looking for in an adult dating site, anyway. This site just presents well, and that’s because they’re trying to bring in all kinds, not just a bunch of horny guys. They […] Read more

There are a lot of advantages to using a site like, especially if you’re in the UK. There are some gorgeous, edgy ladies on here, and that’s basically the draw of this site from the get-go–you’re going to be able to find a lot of alt girls that are looking for hookups more than […] Read more is an oldie but goodie. This is a site that has been around since the dawn of MySpace, and that feels like we’re talking in decades. That’s because we are, really, and a site with that kind of reputation is a site that you can put a lot of faith in, especially if you’re […] Read more