3 Ways To Increase Your Chance Of Getting Laid Tonight

There are a number of different ways to really increase your chances of getting laid, and we happen to know all of them. These are the things that have always worked for us, and without fail, we’ve been able to get ladies online. If you want to increase your chances to have sex, then following our tips is the best plan of action–we can’t say that it’ll work 100% of the time, but in our experience, you’re going to have a much easier time picking up ladies like this.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be headache-inducing to get the ladies that you want, and it doesn’t have to bore you to tears. It’s all just a matter of knowing the absolute best tactics and to have the most amount of fun, and with our guide pushing you in the right direction, you’re going to find it incredibly easy to meet women, chat them up, and actually hop in the sack with them. That’s what we all want here, obviously!

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It starts with using multiple sites.

One of the most important tips that we could ever give you in order to boost your odds of getting laid is to make sure that you’re using multiple sites. You can’t just settle on one hook up site and hope that it’s going to be the one–spread that love around, and really increase your chances. If you have an excellent, well-fleshed out profile on a couple of different booty call websites, you’re going to end up really seeing a lot more action, and getting a lot more attention. Girls will know that you’re serious.

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There’s no point in limiting yourself, either. It just takes a little bit of extra time to go and add your profile to a couple of different sites, and if you stick with only the best ones, you’re going to end up seeing a ton of activity. That’s the way that we’ve always done it, and it’s paid off in much higher results. Finding a one night stand has never been easier if you know which sites to use…and you’re actually making use of several of them. We can’t imagine that it gets any easier than that.

Pay for a subscription on a one night stand website.

We know, we know. You don’t always want to shell out cash in order to get laid, but sometimes, it’s going to be necessary. There are a few reasons behind that, and we happen to know from our own experiences how much of a difference it can actually make in getting laid. For us, it’s a matter of getting ladies to pay attention to us, and for them to not even give us the time of day. We’re average enough, but sometimes, having your profile rank a bit higher can end up being a huge boost that you didn’t even know that you needed.

If you’re paying for a subscription on a one night stand website, you’re going to end up not only ranking higher in their search engines, but you’re going to end up ranking on Google. This means that women are going to end up seeing more of you, and that’s going to greatly improve your chances. That lets them know that you’re a hot commodity, and that you’re serious enough about having sex that you actually will pay money to get their attention. That doesn’t reek of desperation–that reeks of dedication!

Set a nice profile picture.

Listen–if you’re trying to find a one night stand, you can’t look terrible. We know that we’re pretty average guys, and that shouldn’t be the kiss of death. We’re sure that you’re the same, but if you happen to look nicer in a certain angle, then go for that when you’re posting your profile pictures. You want to look your best, and you want to always make sure that you’re giving it your all, even if it comes to a simple profile picture.

Women are visual creatures at the end of the day, just like men are, and they’re not going to click on a profile if you’ve got a really crummy picture on it. You want to look good and clean-shaven, and for heaven’s sake, at least smile for the girl. If you can do these things and have a nice, appealing picture for her to look at, then you’re going to end up making a much better impression, and you’re really going to end up reeling her in faster than ever.