How to Talk To Women On A Date

Guys aren’t born with an innate ability to talk to women. Sure, some men are a bit more silver-tongued than others, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be something that you master over night. It can take months and months in order to learn how to talk to women properly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick up some basic skills just by reading about our experiences. We’ve been in your shoes before, and if you are having some issues when it comes to chatting up ladies, it all comes down to a couple of things, and most importantly, knowing how to fake it until you make it.

There are plenty of different ways to approach ladies online, and depending on where you are in the world, it’s going to change. You want to make sure that you’re actually covering your bases and figuring out how to talk to women depending on if you’re in the USA, the UK, Canada, or Australia. It does vary depending on the country that you’re in, and if you aren’t pulling out the right stops, then this can end up being a huge problem. You can end up offending a woman without realizing it when you’re on a date with her, and that’s obviously not going to end up being something that you want to have happen.

talk to ladiesKnow how to learn what to say.

It varies from country to country.

Ladies have different tastes depending on the different country that you’re in, and if you aren’t used to that culture, then you’ve got to be careful. Even if you are born and raised in Australia, if you don’t know how to talk to women, we’ve got the right tips for you. Knowing what to say is 99% of the battle, and if you can stick to a few particular questions or lines of conversation, then you’re going to end up having a much easier time of it. These women are going to be much more interested in you, and if you know how to seduce them, they’re going to end up coming back for more and more.

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Ultimately, it all comes down to being polite. Different countries are going to have varying degrees of what they think polite is, so that is something that you’re going to end up needing to take note of when you’re on a date with a lady. Either way, there are a few cardinal rules that you do need to keep in mind, and it’s to always avoid talking about politics and religion. If you can do that, then you’re going to end up having a much easier date from the start. It’s as simple as making sure those conversations don’t come up, or being neutral if they do end up becoming the hot topic over the dinner table.

Know what not to say, too.

We know that you know how to flirt, and it’s not to be overtly sexual from the start. In the USA, for example, if you cat call her or compliment her ass, she’s probably going to end up getting pretty annoyed with you. It’s better to talk about the way that she makes you feel, and let her know that you’re already imagining how steamy the evening can end up going with her in the future.

In Canada, you need to keep it even lighter. You want to make sure that you talk thoroughly about her job and her career, and talk to her about her accomplishments more. This will help her relax and feel empowered around you, and the same can be said about women from the USA. They don’t want to feel as though you’re objectifying them. Even if they have a tendency to be wilder, that doesn’t mean that you should feel the need to be rude to them, or to be overly sexual when it isn’t necessary.

Australian girls seem to be a bit hardier in terms of cursing and bluntness, which can work well for a guy that’s just not quite used to curbing his tongue. Don’t go overboard, of course, but they do expect you to be more upfront with them. Girls from the UK also tend to be this way, but they want you to sugarcoat it, and joke with them a bit more. By doing these things, you’re going to end up paving the way towards a very hot, steamy night.

Whatever you do, don’t be the guy that immediately suggests a hotel room even before dinner. If you try to go too fast, they’re going to walk out on you entirely.