Which Perfume Is Right For You – Impress Your Date

The way you smell is going to make a big difference to the ladies, and if you want to impress your date, then you don’t want to end up smelling like a pig sty. Sure, a lot of women appreciate guys that smell like they’ve been at work on a farm…but that’s still a particular kind of smell, and not the kind of body odor that’s only going to end up turning them off, and putting them off of ever seeing you again in the future.

If you smell good, women are going to gravitate towards you. There are a few different, popular options that can really end up turning her on and making her want to bury her face into your neck, but you don’t ever want to overdo it, either. There’s a fine line that you’ve got to skirt in order to impress these ladies, and with our help, that’s going to be something that you master in no time. You just have to have the right about of information, and fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

the right perfumeWith a great perfume, you can’t go wrong.

Start with the basics in dating tips.

Unsurprisingly, smelling nice is one of the most basic dating tips that we can hand out, and it’s going to end up scoring you a number of ladies if you play your cards right. You can’t just pick any old perfume or cologne, however; you’ve got to go with something that’s actually good, and high quality. Don’t go to any old drug store, pick something off the shelf, and end up smelling like crap. She wants you to smell nice and clean, and that’s usually the best way that you can end up going when it comes to purchasing a cologne for yourself.

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One of the best starts that you can have is to go to Amazon, and check out a few of their top options. Knowing which perfume is right isn’t always going to happen overnight, but a few of our favorites are those that have a more citrus smell to them, or a clean, soapy smell. That’s what a woman is going to end up looking for in a man, and it’s going to end up drawing her to you even more. She wants her man to smell clean, yet simply masculine, and by following along on those guidelines, you’re going to end up really scoring some awesome lays–which is obviously the whole point of getting dolled up for your lady friend in the first place.

So what perfumes really work?

Clive Christian ‘X’ perfume spray is a top seller, and has a very masculine vibe to it. The price tag might end up putting you off, however, so don’t feel like you need to spend close to $500 USD in order to impress your lady. Our first date advice is actually to be a bit more conservative than that, and stick to perfumes that are going to be a bit more affordable. Even still, don’t just buy the first cologne that you see on the shelf. Chances are, it’s going to smell like alcohol and dirt, and that’s not going to end up appealing to your next hot date.

Yves Saint Laurent for Men has a very nice line called M7 Fresh, and it’s as fresh as it sounds. This is a line that’s going to leave you feeling green and crisp, and the ladies are going to end up wanting to be around you. Don’t forget to be conservative in your application, however; women aren’t going to want to be around men that are literally a cloud of fragrance, just like you don’t want to be around women that just smell like a Victoria’s Secret store wherever they go.

The application counts.

When applying your perfume, make sure to spray it into the air, and then walk through it. That’s all that you have to do. If you have an oil-based perfume instead of an aerosol, apply in sparing dabs to the insides of your wrists, and your collarbones. You can also apply it to the backs of your knees if you really want to amp up the scent, but only do this with more delicate scents. Otherwise, this will end up being far too overpowering.

You don’t want to be absolutely covered in the stuff. If you are, your woman isn’t going to be able to taste or smell anything else, and when you’re trying to get down and dirty with her, that’s not exactly going to be a winner. Keep it simple, and she’ll be a lot happier.